Products and services

Plant logistics from production to the retail trade

Our core area of expertise is the organization of the entire supply chain, from production to the retail trade, and all that this entails. In addition to our economic principles, as a company in the "green sector", we have a duty to conduct our business in an environmentally-friendly manner. The logistics systems we have introduced for the retail trade have led to annual savings of over 700 tons of cardboard packaging. Our company has a carbon neutral heating system and 11,000 m2 of solar panels on the roof of our logistics center produce electricity for over 500 households.


Plants for the garden

Our long-term companions in the garden, hedges or public green spaces.

Vegetables and herbs for the kitchen

Herbs and vegetables are really fashionable right now. These days, all the generations are discovering the special pleasures of growing and harvesting your own vegetables.

Plants for terraces and balconies

Decorate our outdoor living areas. Top sellers include Dipladenia in red, pink, white and yellow. These will flower constantly right through to the late autumn.

Mediterranean plants

Give our environment a hint of southern charm. Oleander flowers in warm colors throughout the entire summer, even in more northern climates, and is very easy to look after. Palms and citrus plants produce colorful fruits and enchanting scents for your seating areas.

Christmas trees and ornamental branches

A Christmas tree will make your home look lovely during the festive period. Our ornamental branches can be used for Advent wreathes or to decorate your dinner table during the festive season. They can also be used to protect your garden plants from frost.

Indoor plants for beautiful interiors

Plants cultivated in pots enhance our environment on a daily basis and they also make the perfect gift to convey a wide variety of emotions and feelings. We also have a broad variety of Bonsai trees.